Susan Willadsen
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Susan Willadsen

Owner/Designated Broker, Property Manager
Who are we? Do you remember playing Dodge ball in school? Do you remember that kid that you wanted on your team because you knew they would help you win? When we were moving into our new office location, it hit me. That’s who we are. We are the workers, the ones that stay late, go far and beyond and make sure it’s done well and completed on time. We are the ones you want on your team. We work hard and do our job to help you win. Whether you are an owner, tenant or agent looking for customer service and people who care enough to do it right, that’s the basis of who we are.

This company was founded by Richard Pasko in 1974. Our patriarch was a go getter and the true visionary of creating this company; as a way to accommodate the rental needs he had for his own Residential and Commercial Properties, along with the real estate office he founded.

When I started working in the office in 2001, I began to see the need to take care of the rental customers and owners. That was the beginning of the desire to do Property Management. I quickly found out that although we see things completely different in the Property Management side of real estate, we do share a desire to take care of the customer with excellence. Over the past years of overseeing the office, I have been able to build a team of agents and staff that work together with the same purpose. We all want to help you succeed. We strongly believe that we can do this job with integrity and sensitivity while keeping in mind that we can do nothing on our own. We offer our servant’s heart to each job that we take on.

On July 15, 2016, I was able to purchase the company. Currently, we manage a variety of properties. Each one offers its own challenges and unique requirements. I am an active member of NARPM, NWMLS and the Covington Chamber of Commerce. Each membership helps to keep us abreast of the education and requirements needed for our complex job. I have also been chosen to be the 2017 President Elect for NARPM.

Stephanie Lawson
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Stephanie Lawson

Real Estate Broker, Property Manager
My passion for helping others started out by working in the office as an agent assistant. This provided me the training and ability to see the heart of our business style. Being part of the community through volunteering and other organizations like the Chamber, NARPM and BSA helps me keep in touch with the needs of the people we serve.

I specialize in managing Residential and Commercial properties. I have 18 years in Sales, Management, Marketing experience and Customer Service. With this extensive experience, I use those skills to manage properties fulfilling the owner and tenant’s needs.